Close La Jolla Activities 

During your stay at Inn by the Sea at La Jolla, you’ll enjoy access to popular local shops and restaurants—all located just a short walk from the hotel. You’ll also love taking a short three-block stroll to take in the sun-soaked beaches and salt-air breezes. Spend a day kayaking with friends or taking in the culture of a local artist at one of La Jolla’s many art galleries. Dine on delectable local fair or pick up a souvenir of your trip. Ask a member of our staff for a recommendation!

Local Colleges & Universities

If you’re in town visiting your favorite local student, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find our accommodations are affordable, leaving you with a little extra to spend on your undergraduate when you stay at our hotel near USCD and university of San Diego. We are located just five miles from UCSD, nine miles from the University of San Diego, and 13 miles from SDSU. In addition, perks like complimentary all-day coffee and complimentary Wi-Fi spell college success for everyone.

San Diego Dining, Shopping, & Attractions Simplified

We are proud to offer our Welcome Channel in every room, featuring information on local restaurants, shopping, and attractions perfect for every type of traveler. Get all the information you need without leaving the comfort of your room.